Our 2nd Successfully Funded Film

Posted: Sun, 17 June 2012 by

We’re thrilled to announce our second successfully funded film project. Congratulations to Mark Wright of Dark Form Productions – this is what he had to say about his crowdfunding experience.

“Trying to find funding for anything in today's market is difficult, but funding for short films can be near impossible! I had tried the standard ways, like approaching businesses in return for profits etc, but found it difficult to get a buy-in for it.

“My proposed film was planned on a very small budget but even given that, it seemed unlikely that Dark Form Productions might be able to raise the requisite funding. However, Bloom provided the necessary tools to ask for funding using their innovative website.  

“I was amazed at the number of hits my proposed project got and in the end, not only was my project fully funded but 117% was raised, making the project viable and easier to produce, particularly with the amount over what we had hoped for which will result in fewer constraints on the budget.

“There was great support from Bloom VC as how to market the production, and what packages (rewards) that I should offer.  It was also very helpful to have the project proof-read for potential pitfalls and to ensure all the links were correct, plus ensuring that the packages offered just the correct amount of rewards for money promised.  

“I was amazed at the amount of support I received – I did of course receive wonderful support from family and friends – but a big portion of the funding came from people I had never even heard of before!

“It has been an enjoyable and great learning experience, and I would recommend this process with Bloom to anyone looking to fund a project.  Now I can push forward with the short film, and I also have a pool of backers that I can hopefully call upon again with future projects.  

“I am indebted to Bloom for their professionalism and helpful attitude to crowd funding.”

Thanks to all who backed Mark and his project!