Keeping in touch with your crowdfunding community

Posted: Tue, 04 June 2013 by Michelle

Encouraging backers to choose a reward and make a promise to your project is step one, without your backers you won't reach target.

But keeping in touch with them and asking them to help you by sharing your project with their friends and family is step two. Building a supportive community outwith your immediate circle is key, it's the best way to ensure you reach your target.

So how do you do that? A simple email newsletter is a great starting point.

On your project dashboard you will see the email addresses of your backers, it doesn't take much time - and doesn't cost anything - to create  MailChimp newsletter ( to keep them up to date with your progress and encourage them to help you towards your target - after all, it's in their best interest since they won't receive their rewards unless your crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Take a look at this newsletter, circulated by Steve Johnson whose project The Students of Springfield Street is currently crowdfunding on Bloom.

It breaks down into 3 key sections, the first is simply to say thank you.

The second part is an update on progress towards target, and some news about the crowdfunding campaign.

Followed finally with a concise explanation of how backers can be even more involved. It includes a specific call to action - to share the project - a reminder of the deadline, and link to make a promise.

It's quick and easy to keep your backers enthused about your project and motivated to share it with their family and friends, and it's one of the most important elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign.