International Women's Day - Being a Role Model for My Daughter

Posted: Fri, 08 March 2013 by Anna

Ani Campbell – Parallax Faction – Crowdfunding - International Women’s Day

 Me and My Girl

When I was a younger woman (in my early twenties) I was in a band and I used to hide behind my microphone. The microphone was a shield to hide the fact that I didn’t feel particularly pretty, I felt that because I didn’t look like a pop/rock star that I would never have made it. I did feel rather exposed and knew that people would judge my voice, as well as my looks, which made me terrified to drop a note. So, in all honesty, the audience were likely looking at a young woman who resembled a petrified ironing board. Lack of confidence was a real issue for me.

When I became a mum in my late twenties and looked at my daughter, I can honestly say that her tiny face was a real wake up call.  I was also overcome with a sense of rather frightening responsibility. I remember saying to my husband. “How can I tell her to fulfil her dreams when I am stuck in a dead-end job and not fulfilling any of my own?” He couldn’t have agreed more. So I made a mental list of what I wanted to do with my life and have never looked back. Releasing an album one day was on that list.

I know that this is about women but I should also point out that the support and encouragement from my husband, should not be underestimated and the strength of the equality in our relationship was a huge factor. My husband worked equally hard, bringing up our daughter, sharing in the housework. We both believe in equality and we both inspire each other to fulfil our dreams. Isn’t that what equality is all about?

Parallax Faction –The album Why now? Why the hell not?

I am over 40, but should this prevent you from fulfilling a dream? Absolutely not. My moto is “If you stop dreaming you stop living.” I will encourage my daughter to do the same and my age is not a barrier. My more mature approach to the album release means I just think “I have nothing to lose”.

Crowdfunding via Bloom has presented the band with an opportunity that was never there before. The advances of technology have made it possible to record at home, however, the increasing culture of “pay to play” makes it really difficult for musicians to earn from their talents to fund the production and release of an album. So, unless you are lucky enough to be spotted by a record company your options can be rather limited. The concept of crowdfunding should not be underestimated. Musicians, or indeed, anyone who has an idea or a little dream, should seriously consider Bloom.

I have a “give it a go” attitude and the response from backers of the album project has been so encouraging that we are now seeing the album launch as a real possibility. I am truly delighted at the progression of the project so far. The generosity of some people can astound me. The current recession has hit people really hard (including us) so to find backers in this climate has been very inspiring, to say the least. It also adds confidence that the music that we are producing is of a quality that people want to back us. I have never been particularly motivated by money but people motivate me, so the backers have given me so much energy to continue on this quest.  In addition, we were offered free mastering by a local sound engineer who runs a small online business and have even been approached by a potential manager of the band. These were spinoffs from the project that I never expected.

I am very hopeful that we will reach our target via our Bloom crowdfunding project, we still have a fair bit to raise. Therefore, it is not time to get complacent and the work to encourage further backers to invest in us must continue. It isn’t the case that you pop up a project and you will get cash from strangers. You have to work at it. Raise awareness of what you are doing and get up to speed on social media fast. If you don’t know much about social media, find someone who does or learn.

Every penny we get will be invested in the album and the album launch. The more that we raise, the better the launch. It is that simple. The possibility of the launch of the album has also encouraged the band to look at performing at music festivals. To have one summer touring, in this environment, would truly be the experience of a lifetime. Isn’t this the stuff that dreams are made of? For me, yes, yes, and yes.

My daughter will have her own dreams. As a mum I hope that I will give my girl a little inspiration, nurture her to become a confident young woman and hold to on to her dreams with both hands. Her birth inspired me to learn, to grow, and to live life with hope, ambition and a belief that it is better to try to fulfil your dreams than to just accept what life has given you. You can reach for the stars but you don’t have to step on heads to get there.