How to use social media for crowdfunding

Posted: Thu, 24 January 2013 by Cara

Social Media is crucial for your crowdfunding campaign; here, Bloom intern Cara Pleym shares her top tips.

Crowdfunding success depends on the community you bring with your project and how much you engage with them. That’s why the use of social media, and building a following on Facebook and Twitter before you launch, is incredibly important for your project. In fact, effective use of social media is crucial for any business/community.

The problem is some people don’t know how to use social media, or use it in the wrong way. Don’t panic! The Bloom team is experienced in social media strategy and will help you promote your project. However, this works best if you are also engaging with your community.

We’ve set out some useful tips for how to use social media:-

1. Get chatting – building a following always takes time, but you need to start the process by following other people, groups, businesses and talking to them. Show interest in what everyone else is doing, and they’re much more likely to do the same!

2. It’s not all about you – it’s easy to fall into the trap of only talking about your business/project, but it’s pretty boring for everyone else, and you’ll soon run out of things to say. Share relevant content, and engage your community by asking them questions and listening to what they have to say.

3.  Keep it up – don’t leave your profiles for long period with no updates, as your followers will disconnect and lose interest. Keep up regular updates, and mix up the content.

4. Go public – too often people have conversations privately and no one else can see what’s going on. Thank your backers, answer questions and talk about offline progress publicly so that everyone can see the interaction and interest, which also allows others to jump in.

5. Measure interest – keep an eye on the interaction on your posts/tweets e.g. likes/comments/retweets, and be smart about what and when you update. Is a certain day or time more active? Do pictures or links encourage more interest?

There’s loads more we could tell you about social media - and we will - but for starters if you follow these 5 key tips, you’ll engage more with your following and attract more backers to your project!

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