How to Upload a Project

Posted: Sun, 16 June 2013 by Cara

Thinking about starting your own Bloom project? Fab! It’s a simple and intuitive process, but we’ve written a how to guide with some extra tips.

Step 1: Get Started

Go to and click ‘Start a Project’ tab.

We’ve also highlighted the box which asks for your email address – providing us with this will unlock access to a free ebook which gives lots of useful tips and advice for preparing, launching and running your crowdfunding campaign. We recommend that you download this and read it before you get started on your project.

Step 2: Basic Info

Fill in some basic project information to get your project started. All we ask for at this point is a title, a short description and your PayPal email address. See some useful tips below.

Title: This summarises your dream or goal in 50 characters max. Try not to be descriptive, but create an engaging hook.  

Short description:  This is a brief description of your project, where you tell us what the aim is in 100 characters max. You can write more, but this will not display correctly on your project panel.

PayPal email: Simply type the email address that is linked to your PayPal account. If you are unsure of how to set up a PayPal, or want to know more about why you need to have a PayPal account, please read our PayPal blog. 


Step 3: Project Dashboard

Dashboard Section 1

Category – select  1 category that fits your project aim

Duration – choose the length of time your project will be live, from a choice of 10, 30, 45 or 60 days

Full project descriptionthis is your pitch, which should cover;

1. who you are
2. what you want to do
3. how much you want to raise, including a cost  breakdown
4. why your project will make an impact.

TIP: For more advice on writing your long description, please see our blog ‘How to Tell Your Story’. 

Targetenter the amount you wish to raise, and use the drop down menu to select the currency.

TIP: This is not as simple as it appears, please read our blog post with specific tips for choosing your target.

Social media -  tick all the platforms that you use, and enter your details. Please go straight to the social media page and copy and paste the URL to avoid mistakes.

TIP: Read our blog ‘How to use social media for crowdfunding’  for some useful advice.

Website URL if you have a website, simply copy and paste the URL here.


Dashboard Section 2

Add relevant images and video using the buttons outlined below.


Dashboard Section 3

Enter a range of 5-7 reward levels, starting low at £1-10 and progressing to top rewards which could be £50 or £500 depending on your target and the rewards you can offer.

Value – the reward level i.e. the minimum spend to receive that reward.

Image – (optional) photos of the rewards, or related images.

Title – distinguishes rewards, can be descriptive or more creative.

Description –lists the product(s)/service(s) the backer will receive.

Stock – maximum number available of that reward.


Done! It's a lot of work, but the preparation is crucial for a successful campaign, to deliver an exciting and engaging project that people will want to back. Once you've entered as much information as you can, click 'Submit' and you'll be assigned a Bloom team member who will give feedback within 48 hours.

Remember, we're here to help so do get in touch with any questions: