How to Share a Project

Posted: Sat, 25 May 2013 by Cara

We’re thrilled that you want to get involved in the crowdfunding revolution by sharing some of our fab projects! Sharing a project couldn’t be easier, but to be super helpful, we’ve listed a few ways that you can help spread the word and support someone’s dream.

Use the social share buttons

We have made it really easy for you to share a project directly from the project page. Just use the buttons underneath the project images (see the screenshot below).


The great thing is, if you use these social share buttons, it will keep track of how many people have shared the project. This will show potential backers that lots of people like the project, even if they can’t all make a promise.

If you’re a social media whiz, you might want even more social share options – we have it covered! If you share from the project panel (see the screenshot below), you have many more options to choose from.


Connect with the project owner

Another good way to help share a project is to interact directly with the project owners themselves – which also gives you the chance to ask questions and give feedback. The social media channels that the project owner uses are shown at the bottom of the project, below the pitch (see the screenshot below).

Just click the buttons to be taken straight to the project owner’s page, and get chatting!


Tell your friends and family

This is one of the simplest, and perhaps most effective ways of sharing a project – just telling people about it. People are much more likely to go check out the project if you personally tell them how fab it is, which means more awareness for the project and hopefully more promises!

Leave a comment

Make use of the comments tab on the project (see the screenshot below) to publicly share your thoughts with anyone looking at the project. It’s a great way to engage with the project owner and other backers, without even leaving the page!


Make a promise!

The best way to engage with a project and help spread the word is to make a promise! Anyone viewing the project can see your name underneath the backers tab (see the screenshot below), which gives reassurance to other backers.


Even better, you can start bragging to your friends about how you’ve helped get a project off the ground and make them jealous by telling them all about your amazing reward! Just a few pounds makes a difference, so please do show your support for projects you like – we make sure there are rewards available for every budget.

So there are loads of ways that you can get involved, and they are all very simple and easy to do! Hopefully our tips will help you get closer to the projects you love, and help support them even if you can’t make a promise.