Crowdfunding Lessons from Successful Crowdfunders

Posted: Sun, 30 September 2012 by Michelle

We get asked all the time "what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign?", so what better way to answer the question than to show you a video and let you hear from someone who has actually been through the process.

Originally livestreamed during Social  Media Week Glasgow, Michelle Rodger from Bloom and founder of Bonnie Bling, Mhairi Mackenzie, took to the stage to explain the key elements of a crowdfunding campaign and to share both what to do, and what not to do, to stand a chance of being successful.

The presentation was recorded and we've linked the video of the event for you here -

In the first half of the presentation Michelle talks about how to plan, launch and run a campaign and the second half features Mhairi sharing her own experiences of crowdfunding before both reveal  top tips in the Q&A session at the end.