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How to get yourself heard on social media, by Bloom intern Jamie Moore

Here at Bloom we know that promoting your project on social media is a huge part of your campaign. Trying to get yourself heard amongst the crowd, however, can be a big challenge to those who are just starting to build their social networks. We have amassed some great hints and tips to help you get your voice heard loudly and clearly on Twitter and Facebook.

1. Build your network.

Whether you have just started building a community or already have an established community on your personal Twitter and Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to start building your crowdfunding network. Building your network is one of the most important things to do in a crowdfunding campaign. It is vital that you start this a long time before your campaign has started in order to increase your chances of success. Building your network will work in exactly the same way that you share your project. Start by finding friends and family on your social network, then move on to add their friends and family and add them into your project's social network. The final group you add is those who might have an interest your project and can spread it. These people are called influencers and they are people on social networks who have established networks and a large amount of likes and followers.

2. Find your influencers

Finding influencers is a necessary step in your social media strategy. For example, if you are doing a film project then seek out people who have already crowdfunded a film, indie directors or local actors/producers. Ask these influencers to share your project with their social networks but even more importantly, you can also try to get them involved with you discussing your project.

3. Use your hashtags!

Hashtags allow you to peer into conversations that you may have missed on your regular timeline. Look at the kind of hashtags that are appearing on your timeline and follow them to find new followers and new conversations. When you have identified commonly used or popular hashtags in your social network you should use Tweetdeck or a similar system to keep track of them. 

4. Start a conversation

It's not enough on social networks to simply share links or ask others to share. You have to start conversations, talk about the latest trends in your project category or pose questions to your followers about something new or controversial. Don’t forget if you're talking about someone famous or something that's trending to use the relevant @address and #hashtag which will open up your conversation to even more people. Once you have people talking then you can share your project.

5. Join a conversation

Don’t feel afraid to jump into a conversation that is already ongoing. Social networks are open forums and it is to be expected that people will jump in and out of conversations with their own opinions and viewpoints. If you see people talking about something that relates to your project don’t be afraid to join in! Don’t forget to then share your project and ask them what they think to make your project part of the conversation.

6. Dont be afraid to ask for backers

One of the main problems project owners experience is that they are afraid to ask people to back their project. If people take an interest in your project make sure to ask them to back it; by showing off your rewards and the benefits that your project will bring, people will back you. The worst that can happen is that they say no thank you.

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