Which project is the one for you?

Posted: Mon, 26 August 2013 by Cara

We have a wide range of projects, from enterprise to publishing to sport, and our projects are constantly changing as each is on a clock and new projects are being launched. So as a potential backer, how do you make the difficult decision of which project to back? Now we won’t talk about the projects themselves, because it’s up to the crowd to decide what they do or don’t like, but what we can do is give some advice on finding that perfect project or reward, and how to get the best value.

Follow these simple tips and find what you’re looking for faster!

Search by category

Do you have a particular interest in music or education? Use our category search to help you find projects that you are most interested in. Can’t find any projects in that category? Why not talk to your friends, and encourage them to start their own project in that area, or even crowdfund your own great idea?

Sign up to the newsletter

You might not have time to browse the site every single day, so we have a weekly newsletter which pulls together all the latest news, including new projects, reminders for projects ending soon, and even a specific section for that week’s top rewards! Sign up at www.bloomvc.com and never miss a project again.

Check out the rewards!

If you like a project, but aren’t sure about making a promise, make sure that you read through all the rewards. The higher your promise value, the more you’ll receive for your money. Tip: our average promise is £40-50 so do check out this reward level, it tends to be great value and many are exclusive/unique to the crowdfunding campaign.

Split up your promise

You might have decided on the amount you want to promise to a certain project, but don’t really fancy the corresponding reward. Well don’t worry! You can split up your promise, and take, for example, two £20 rewards if you’re promising £40. As long as the rewards value is lower than or equal to your promise value, you can choose what you like!

Talk to the project owner

Want to know more about the project? You can ask questions directly from the project page, or check out their social media channels and interact with them there. They’ll be more than happy to chat to you, and answer any questions that you might have.

So there are lots of suggestions to help you decide which project you want to back, but if you’re really stuck, why not promise to more than one? You’ll still receive great rewards, plus you’ll get double the bragging rights. Also remember that your promise will not come out of your bank account straight away, but will be taken if and when the project closes successfully.

Head over to the ‘Projects’ tab to start browsing. Happy funding!

(Image courtesy of www.personal.psu.edu)