Happy #SMDay! Crowdfunding has Social Media at heart...

Posted: Sun, 30 June 2013 by Natalie

For Social Media Day we looked at how social media has made crowdfunding what it is today and how we can share what we know to help crowdfunders everywhere, so here gos!


How does it work? Crowd funding relies on Social Media to bring more people into your network or community how successful you are depends on how you engage and build your community.

Social Media is the most powerful tool each project owner has allowing their reach over land and sea not quite into space yet! We recommend that each project owner builds a following on Facebook and Twitter before they launch a project this is very important for every project and is equally important after your project has ended. If people don’t know about what you are doing, how can you expect them to support you project and #makeapromise? And it’s free to use…. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Social Media is always growing and changing it is sometimes hard to keep up with what to use and how to use it, not to worry we have all been there and we would love to share with your our expert tips to help you!

First things first-

1. Start a conversation – It’s that easy to build a following look other people, groups, businesses and start talking to them, even have a look at what is trending or popular! I sometimes do a quick key word search and often find lots of new people to chat to and something to chat about. If you engage and show interest in what everyone else is doing, and they’re much more likely to do the same!

2. It’s a conversation remember It’s so easy to talk about what you’re doing because it’s what you know but it’s not always very interesting for everyone else, and you’ll probably run out of things to say too! You can still share your experience and view but maybe think of sharing relevant content, engage your community by asking questions and listening to what others have to say.

3.  Keep going – Yes you may have posted something yesterday and had a great conversation with someone you didn’t even know the day before but what about today? Don’t leave your profiles for long period with no updates, as your followers will miss you and may even stop paying attention to you when you next update or worse lose interest completely. Keep up regular updates, and mix up the content, keep it fresh.

4. Let everyone else see – It’s so easy to have that conversation privately but why not let everyone else hear that fantastic conversation, it reflects how engaged you are and also that other people are too! Thank your backers, answer questions and talk about events and successes that you are doing out with your project, publicly so that everyone can see the interaction and interest, it also gives everyone else the chance to comment!

5. Take note of what you are doing – Did that last tweet get 5 replies? Or has that post been liked 10 times? Remember to keep a note of which tweets/posts are gaining you interactions likes/comments/retweets. Also could it be something to do with the time of day? Is the morning more active than the evening? What response are you getting from videos, photos even links? Is it more? You can learn so much by looking at all the information that you have and successfully use this information for future updates!

Well that’s just 5 tips for starters but there is always more we could tell you why not take a look at our previous blogs for more Social Media and crow funding tips and keep an eye out for us on Twitter and Facebook.

We spoke a lot about Twitter and Facebook, but there are soo many other fantastic Social Media platforms out there the principles are all the same, just different buttons and icons. Remember the key is to ENGAGE!

You can always #AskBloom !

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