How to Tell Your Story

Posted: Wed, 12 June 2013 by Cara

The key to crowdfunding is a great pitch that will hook backers, and make them believe both in you and your project. We know that not everyone has a way with words, so we’re here to help! We can help you write your pitch, and to start you off we have some tips for how to tell your story in a way which will maximise your chances of success.

1. Get to the point quickly

Your story should be simple, if it’s too long-winded people won’t bother reading it and they’ll miss the point. Use a snappy short description to sum up your goal, get to the point in the first few sentences and then go on to give more (relevant!) information about your background and your project.

2. Use media effectively

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is even better! Use media to tell your story in a simple yet effective way and illustrate the points you are trying to make. Remember you can also add images and video throughout your crowdfunding campaign to update the content, show progress – maybe even a video diary! The Vine app is perfect for this.

3. Don’t overthink it

Crowdfunding is not like the bank or an investor, we don’t need or want the business jargon or sales forecasts. We want to know about you, what the project means to you and why it will make an impact. If you can make a personal connection, backers are much more likely to engage with your project.

4. Engage on social media

Don’t just promote your project – ask questions, share content and tell people how you are progressing. This doesn’t just mean saying how many backers you had on a particular day, but also talking about what you are doing offline and how people have been responding. Keeping your story going is crucial to retaining interest and hitting your target.

5. Keep in touch

Your story doesn’t end when your project does, so keep in touch with the Bloom community and let us know how you are getting on. Why not send a regular newsletter to your backers or invite them to sign up to your website? Crowdfunding builds an engaged community so make sure you nurture it so that you can reap the rewards later.

That’s just a few tips but hopefully it gives you a better idea of how to tell your crowdfunding story and keep it going beyond your project closing. If you want any more advice or want to ask any questions, please do get in touch at