Crowdfunding Offer to Scotland's Food and Drink Industry

Posted: Thu, 29 August 2013 by Michelle

Scotland has an incredible global reputation for the best in food and drink - who hasn't heard of, and enjoyed, haggis and whisky?

But we have so much more to offer than that, fantastic artisan producers and some of the top chefs and restaurants in the world. Which is why celebrating and promoting the best of what we produce in Scotland's Food and Drink Fortnight is so important.

So we'd like to throw our support behind the event and make a very special offer to Scotland's food and drink producers in honour of this two week long event - if you launch your crowdfunding campaign between September 7 and 22 we'll refund Bloom's 5% commission when you reach your target.

Nice, huh? If you want to know more about crowdfunding in general or have specific questions about crowdfunding your food or drink business, then please do get in touch. Email and she - and her team - will be on hand to help.

Bloom offers 1-1 support for all project owners, from pre-launch through creating and launching your campaign, to reaching for target. Download our e-Book from our home page for some top tips and then simply Start a Project.

It's too good an offer to miss! Start today!

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

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