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The Blog we dig this week is Go forth Music, which has a great section on how to crowdfund your music campaign. It breaks it down into 4 sections:

 Choosing crowdfunding to raise money

Budgets, Pledges, Amounts and Rewards

Getting started with crowdfunding( for musicians)

- Three lessons from the most successful music crowdfunds

 Helpfully, it includes videos and if you explore the rest of the blogs it goes on to explain how to use social media. It’s a great site for starting out musicians and music industry entrepreneurs.

 The site we dig this week for finding music events in the U.K is Music Week which has a massive list of music events and music industry events. However, the most important events when you’re running a music crowdfunding campaign will be yours and those of that your fans attend. Just because you’re running a crowdfunding campaign doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be gigging! In fact, we encourage it as you can promote your campaign at these events to your potential backers – your loyal fans.

The influencer that we dig this week is the Musician and Marketing Consultant Solveig Whittle(@shadesofsolveig).

 Solveig runs a great music website and has written some great blogs on crowdfunding, as well as great hints and tips on how to manage your band before and after your campaign! She has even guest blogged about successful crowdfunding campaigns on the website Crowdfunding for Musicians which you can read here

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