Crowdfunding for Social Causes

Posted: Fri, 16 August 2013 by Cara

Some think that you can’t use real crowdfunding (rewards based) for social causes because it’s more difficult to offer tangible rewards. It’s also mistakenly associated with simply being charity, and some people feel uncomfortable asking for money. Well, we’re here to tell you that you CAN crowdfund for social causes, and if you look at the history of crowdfunding projects, social causes actually tend to do very well.

Let’s look at some of the ways that social crowdfunding campaigns can work well.

People like helping

It’s true. We all get that warm fuzzy feeling when we help a friend or do a good deed for a stranger without expecting anything in return. So backers love social projects which will make a real impact in their community or on a social issue. Crowdfunding allows you to let people help by promising money, provide a deeper level of engagement plus offer some great rewards!

Rewards are easy

You don’t have a product - so what? Backers love the personal touches, such as being publicly named with a thank you on social media and on a website, or by receiving a personal thank you letter or video. Best of all, these rewards are normally very low cost, which means that you can keep more of your money for your social cause.

Immediate clear impact

For other campaigns, the pitches have to sell the project well and clearly explain the project impact and it’s sometimes difficult to convince backers. Social projects don’t have that issue. While it is still essential that you have a great pitch outlining the clear and compelling value, most social causes are already widely recognised as important and deserving of support.

Community focus

Chances are, your initial backers will come from the community you are trying to help, which is often more close knit and engaged than others. This strong community focus will help you get backers from day one, and will also appeal to strangers who can see the high level of interest and interaction in your project. (Tip: remember to keep all activity public, to help spread the word!).

Media attention

The media like crowdfunding campaigns because crowdfunding is a hot topic and, coupled with a social cause, you’ve got a golden hook for an article, blog, video – you name it! You can take advantage of this edge and promote your project via offline and traditional media routes, as well as social media channels.

Still not convinced? Well, we’ll give it one last shot. Hannah Stansfield has successfully crowdfunded three times on Bloom for her social causes, relating to animal welfare. We also had a fantastic project which raised £7500 to help build homes for orphans in Rwanda. The evidence speaks for itself…

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