Charity Crowdfunding

Posted: Tue, 08 October 2013 by

Charity Crowdfunding

According to official statistics, people across the UK are giving significantly less to charity. The Charities Aid Foundation has announced that the total amount of money fell by almost 20% in 2012.

But it’s not all bad news! We see inspiring charity projects and incredibly generous funders every day on Here’s some stats to lift the doom and gloom:

25% of all projects are charitable or not-for-profit ventures

50% of all money promised on goes to charity projects

Generous funders have already promised over £136,000 for charity

The latest charity project to be successfully funded received £1,280 from a single donor - this is more than the average person donates in a year!

We all know the amazing things that crowdfunding can do for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative projects – but crowdfunding also has unique potential for positive charitable and social ventures. Tougher economic circumstances have spawned many innovative online solutions, and charities should embrace crowdfunding in order to boost failing donations.

With a philosophy of funding anything, anywhere, we know that crowdfunding for charity works.

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