IWD: My Crowdfunding Experience

Posted: Sat, 08 March 2014 by

I''m writing this in between getting my daughter into a costume for World Book Day at nursery, tweeting about our current crowdfunding total and filling the dishwasher. If that doesn''t say something about International Women''s Day, I don''t know what does!  A crowdfunding project is much like a baby: it needs love, attention and praise, constant feeding in order to grow and 'Time Out' to think about the consequences when things don''t go as planned.

This year, we launched a new product range, Summerhouse Drinks, real lemonades made by ourselves here in Scotland. Our crowdfunding campaign is helping us raise the funds to build a van with a summerhouse on the back for selling at sampling at foodie events and festivals throughout Scotland. It is also helping us raise awareness of our new product and brand which is paving the way for our new drinks with both stockists and consumers before it hits the shelves.

I knew that crowdfunding would be exciting and nerve racking and I haven''t been proved wrong. What I have been surprised about is that to date, the majority of our pledgers are from business and personal contacts, very few are current customers. People are pledging to help us and be part of something, rather than get a financial gain.  I've also been surprised and delighted at the number of people who have become ambassadors for our campaign, encouraging their own following to pledge. That has been both helpful and humbling and they will get a very special welcome to our van when it is on it's VIP tour of Scotland.

Claire's crowdfunding project has been very successful thanks to her hard work and her great rewards! Check her project out here.