Bloom's First Crowdfunding Masterclass

Posted: Fri, 07 June 2013 by Cara

Update from Bloom intern Cara Pleym

We had an amazing day on Friday 7th June, which was our very first crowdfunding masterclass, hosted in collaboration with Interface at 29 Studios. The aim of the day was to give potential project owners the information they need to know about crowdfunding, plus an opportunity to engage with us and ask questions. We had a fantastic audience who weren't afraid to ask a few tough questions, which helped everyone understand crowdfunding a little better.

Kicking things off was Interface, a fab company connecting businesses with academic partners, which opens up many opportunities, especially for small businesses. Alan Feighery, the Operations Manager at Interface, talked us through the business and gave us some brilliant examples of their clients's stories. Even better, they have 90 case studies available on their website which you can check out for more information.

Next up was Bloom CEO Amanda Boyle, who explained the three types of crowdfunding - crowdinvesting, crowdlending and real crowdfunding (which is the Bloom model). She used examples of Bloom success stories to demonstrate how powerful crowdfunding can be - we even had an impromptu speech from intern Cara about her experience of backing Polly from Cake Cetera. 

After a quick tea break, we were treated to a talk from intern Natalie about her crowdfunding campaign 'Pants to Poverty' which highlighted some great tips for our potential crowdfunders and also sparked a lively discussion about rewards. We had lots of questions which is great because it shows everyone listened to whay we had to say and wanted to know more! We even got chatting to a few audience members after the crowdfunding masterclass, to give 1-1 consultations about potential projects.

Overall it was a great day, which was helped by the fab venue at 29 Studios and the lovely staff who kept us fed and watered. The crowd seemed to learn a lot both from ourselves and from Interface, and we learned a lot too! Hopefully we've sent some people away inspired to start a new project, so fingers crossed for some exciting new projects coming our way soon.

For more details on this event (and future events!) follow #moneyforstartups on Twitter and keep an eye out for some videos and images being shared in the near future.