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Bloom Digs ...Games


This week on Bloom Digs we will be looking at the wonderful world of games! Crowdfunding and games go together like jelly and ice cream. Millions upon millions of pounds have been raised for video and board games through crowdfunding and there is no reason why yours couldn’t be the next big thing!


The blog we dig this week is which is part of the larger and very popular Gamasutra network. Indie Games has some great advice for small time games developers, including this blog on 5 PR Tips Indies really need. It contains some great advice and stories from those who have already used the crowdfunding model. They have some particularly good advice for those who have chosen to start funding during the Alpha stage of development, from the creators of breakout hits such as Day-Z and Minecraft.


The event we dig this week is the Dundee based Dare to be Digital promoted by Abertay University. Dare to be Digital is a premier video games development competition and networking event. Attending the event comes with a whole host of benefits including enhancing your CV, getting mentions from the industry, the chance to build a network of industry contacts and much much more.


This years' event has finished but keep your eyes peeled for next year!


The influencer that we dig this week is Matt Hacket (@richtaur) who is the co-founder of Lost Decade Games. Matt has experience with his crowdfunding campaign for his game Crypt Run. He has written two blogs about the experience of his crowdfunding campaign. The first describes his experiences during the first week of the campaign. The second is an interesting look at what went right and what went wrong during the successfully funded campaign!



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