The Seven Day itch- Parallax Faction by Anna Marie Campbell

Posted: Mon, 08 April 2013 by Anna

The Seven Day Itch – Anna Marie Campbell (Ani) - Parallax Faction-The Album

Following 53 days of crowd funding via bloomvc, I must admit that I have picked up so much information and practical experience, in relation to social media, however, although these are valuable tools this was not my reason for launching this project.

I have set out to raise £2,500 to fulfil a life long ambition for myself, and the rest of the band, to release an album: on vinyl, on cd, and via digital download. Bloomvc have provided us with an ideal platform to enable us to make this dream come true.

With only seven days to go we have managed to raise £950, which is fantastic. Family, friends and complete strangers have made promises to the band. This not only gives encouragement to make the album but we want to ensure that those who made their promises, will receive their rewards. We are so grateful to everyone who is promising to make this happen.

In addition, to those promising the band we have received an offer, to have the album mastered for free from a local small business and we have been given artwork from a local artist (Thank you, Janice) that will feature on the album.

The generosity and faith of individuals via the Bloomvc project, has also filled the band will a renewed energy. Iain has been mixing the tracks to get them ready for mastering, David has been sending demos to radio stations and music festivals and Danni (the youngest member of the band) has added some fantastic guitar licks to our recordings and live performances. The band is also currently planning for a range of gigs to raise the band’s profile and promote the album. We have also added a drummer, Chris, to the mix for our live performances and we are currently rehearsing for a “sold out” gig on Thursday. All of this positive energy, has had a little creative surge, for me too and I am currently producing an EP of new work “gossip ganda” that will be available as an additional download, alongside the album.

“The Seven Day itch” is, that following this surge of renewed energy we may not meet our target, or be in a position to reward those who have shown faith in the project, and in the music that we are producing. This is why we couldn’t help but be disappointed if we fell at the last hurdle.

So, only through you, our potential backer, can we make this work and raise the additional £1,550 requred for the album launch. A little promise will go a long way. Our reward packages range from £5 - £500. You can be a listener, or an Executive Producer, but no matter what rewards you chose, be a backer! Thank you, for your consideration and support. Your generosity is not unrecognised and you will be justly rewarded.

Help us release the album, Parallax Faction - "Supersonic Weird 80's pub music" as voted for, by our followers.