2013 - The Year of the Crowdfunder

Posted: Tue, 01 January 2013 by Michelle

2013 - this is our year!

This is the year for crowdfunders  - backers and project owners - to seize the moment and crowdfund your dreams.

Whether you have an idea for a business or a student, community or charity project, just go for it. You have nothing to lose.

Crowdfunding is opening up a unique source of finance to all, without the need for business plans or bank loans, consultants or committees. You, yes you, can bring your idea to life and embrace the support of the crowd.

We've all said at some point in our lives: "I've got this crazy idea to build a ..." or "I could do better than that" or "This community needs a ...". Usually followed by "But I've got no money to do it."

Well now you have no excuse. We’re building a top team to take your hand and guide you through the entire crowdfunding process, from helping you to craft the perfect pitch, to creating must-have rewards and building a supportive community.

Your project can be small, a few hundred pounds, or it can be large, thousands of pounds. It can be run over 30, 45 or 60 days. It can be for anything (legal, obviously) that you want.

And it’s simple. Simple but truly exciting. The crowdfunding rollercoaster will take you places you never thought of, it will inspire and humble you, show you the generosity of strangers and demonstrate just how much you can achieve with a good idea and some hard work.

We’d love to help you, all you need to do is Start a Project and we’ll be right beside you on that rollercoaster all the way, throwing our arms up in the air and screaming just as loudly as you.

Join us! Be part of 2013’s crowdfunding revolution. And make your dreams come true.

NB When we said you have nothing to lose, we really meant it. All projects launched in January will be commission free. What's stopping you?