Crowdfunding campaign stalled? 10 Tips to get it to target!

Posted: Fri, 30 November 2012 by


So you’re mid-way through your campaign and it’s stalled. Donations have dried up, backers aren’t sharing your project link any more, you’re getting a bit impatient and worried that you’re not going to reach your target.

Don’t be disheartened! This is no time to give up, in fact, it’s the time to dig in and push towards your target. You’re halfway there and there are backers waiting patiently for you to succeed so they can receive their rewards.

There are a number of things you can do to refresh a plateaued project.

Here are a few of our suggestions;

New video – could you record a fresh, exciting new video (on a smartphone is fine) to update your backers and encourage them to share your project so you reach your target and they get the rewards they so desperately want?

Social networks - Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Kiltr / LinkedIn – have you lapsed your activity? There are opportunities every single day to engage and re-engage with your followers, fans and backers, to reach out to journos and bloggers. What about running a wee competition on your FB page or a poll on LinkedIn? 

Research – do some more research. Try and find new/alternative influencers in your field, join conversations and start new ones. Ask questions, build the engagement, then ask them to check out your project.

Web site – have you embedded your project onto your home page? It’s simple to do (just use the embed code at the bottom of your project) and will drive traffic from your site directly to your project where they’re just a click or two away from backing you. Do you have any supporters/sponsors/great friends who’d be happy to embed your project onto their website or blog as well?  Remember to ask.

Comments – are you using the comments section on your project to update your backers and viewers of your project? If you have any influential/famous backers then ask them to post a comment here saying why they’re backing you and encouraging others to do the same (and obviously make sure you share the content across all your other networks too).

Email – you have the functionality to contact all your backers from your project dashboard, why not send them a message, updating on your progress and asking them to do what they can to help.

Market comparison – what else is out there? There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms, why not search for similar projects and see what can you learn from them. Even if it’s “what not to do” then it’s still helpful.

Media – do you have a new news story to share? Maybe you have a celebrity backer, or raised a significant amount in a very short time frame, or have a quirky and unique reward that needs a bit of profile.

Are you remembering to ask for ££s – it’s easy to forget and simply ask for “support”. An RT on Twitter or a share on Facebook is great, and it all counts, but it’s not adding those all-important pounds to your project.

And finally ...

Remember to ask us – you’re not doing this on your own. We’re working just as hard to share your project, engage with our community and encourage support. We’re here to help - just ask!

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