About Us

Our story in brief

Bloom VC Limited is independently owned and operated in the UK, funded by a small group of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs and investors.

We've been at the forefront of crowdfunding since 2010, when founder Amanda Boyle spotted an imminent funding gap for startups, early stage businesses, communities, art and culture... in fact, anything that needs the smallest amount of cash to get going. The idea is simple, harness the power of the crowd (that’s you, me and everyone around us) and, in return for cash – no matter how small  - receive a reward. 

With the support of a small but very clever team we're now developing crowdfunding 2.0, an evolution to be unveiled in Q2 2016.

What have we done so far:

  • 43% of projects published are funded
  • 85% of funded projects exceed their targets
  • 48% of projects funded are led by women
  • the average promise is £46


Case studies

Here are just a few examples, see our www.bloomvc.com/projects section for more.

  • Bonnie Bling – gained funding for new production technology to keep up with increased demand, and is now selling bespoke jewellery to some of the biggest sports and music stars http://bloomvc.com/project/Big-up-our-Bling
  • Fishwives Choir – having lost her husband at sea, founder Jane Dolby gained invaluable support from The Fisherman’s Mission Charity and wanted to give something back. She gained funding to produce a single, with all sales going to the charity. http://bloomvc.com/project/The-Fishwives-Choir
  • The Ecosse Candle Company – founder Sandra Diamond spotted a need to produce a premium quality, more environmentally friendly candle made in Scotland. And she wasn’t wrong. She raised more than £13,000 and the business has grown significantly in the past 12 months. http://bloomvc.com/project/Lets-boost-manufacturing-in-Scotland


For more information, email Eva [at] bloomvc.com.